Recently, when confessing to super cute buds at gokon confessed what they ok and now they are cohabiting. I am not even I but I am a winner. However, the presence of cute buds was a bad boss to a bastardy senior who was a part - time job, and it seemed that he was coming to see a bud that can not be refused because I am gentle for my absence. I had a bad feeling, but one day suddenly the buds did not return. And I was shocked at seeing the video sent from Hitsuji ... I saw this nasty bud ....最近、合コンで超可愛いつぼみにダメもとで告白したらなんとOKしてもらって今は同棲中。さえない僕だけど今はまさに勝ち組。ところがバイト先の嫌な先輩に可愛いつぼみの存在がバレ、アイツは僕の留守に優しくて断りきれないつぼみに会いに来ているようだった。嫌な予感はしていたが、ある日突然つぼみが帰ってこなくなったんだ…。そして、アイツから送られて来た映像を見て愕然とした…こんな淫らなつぼみを始めて見た…。   Free HD on JavFinder