That mannequin series responds to passionate love calls from everyone and resurrected! A female mannequin who was fiddled with bad students at the scrap. A kind-hearted man who thought unfamiliar by looking at the situation secretly puts the mannequin back home at midnight. When I wear a costume I bought at an adult shop, affection begins to grow in an inorganic mannequin .... New elements such as whole body cleaning scenes using feather bowlers, familiar NG scene also increased greatly and ultimate Okazu specification! Please enjoy plenty! あのマネキンシリーズが皆様からの熱烈なラブコールにお応えして復活!廃棄場で不良学生たちに弄ばれていた女性型のマネキン。その様子を見て不憫に思った心優しき男は、夜中にマネキンをこっそり自宅に持ち帰る。アダルトショップで買ったコスチュームを着せると無機質なマネキンに愛情が芽生え始め…。羽ボウキを使った全身お掃除シーンなどの新要素、おなじみNGシーンも大増量し究極オカズ仕様!たっぷりとお楽しみ下さい! Free HD on JavFinder