Kojima, a cool and perfectionist, is a career woman who became a director in her twenties. I was not good at half-serving. He went on a business trip with Kojima in a hurry on behalf of his colleague Sato (female). Even though he became a shared room, he did not seem to see me as a man. However, as soon as he toasted to celebrate a successful business talk, he became a spoiled child and was unprotected and unbearable. Excited by the gap and depressing the director, the sensitive body, which had a drink and increased sensitivity, accepted me and asked me for more. クールで完璧主義な小島さんは20代で部長に成り上がったキャリアウーマン。半人前の僕は苦手意識を持っていた。同僚の佐藤さん(女)の代役で急遽小島部長と出張へ…相部屋になっても僕のことなど男として見ていない様子だ。しかし商談成功のお祝いで乾杯した途端、甘えん坊になり無防備であられもない姿に…。あまりのギャップに興奮し部長を押し倒すと、お酒が入り感度が増した敏感ボディは僕を受け入れ、更に求めてきて…。 Free HD on JavFinder