SOD create Label: SOD female employee Genre: OL project documentary single piece debut work Product number: 1sdmu858 New entrant who joined SOD's technical department to be a photographer Yuike Kimi. Smile is very cute with a well-organized face, a female employee with a reputation within the company, but a hard worker working hard on men to dream. Male employees, who had planned to have such a girlfriend appear on AV, stayed close to her for a long time. Emergency sale of an innocent shyness SEX video that succeeded in shooting with that hand SOD クリエイト レーベル: SOD女子社員 ジャンル: OL 企画 ドキュメンタリー 単体作品 デビュー作品 品番: 1sdmu858 カメラマンになるためSODの技術部へ入社した新入社員小池さら。整った顔立ちで笑顔がとっても可愛く、社内でも評判の女子社員だが、夢に向かって男勝りに働く頑張り屋さん。そんな彼女を「AVに出演させたい」と企んだ男子社員たちは長期間に渡り彼女に密着。あの手この手で撮影に成功した初々しい恥じらいのSEX映像を緊急発売 Free HD on JavFinder