From Yamanashi, a vocational college student living alone in Tokyo now 'Nogi firefly' will debut from S1. When she turned 20, she thought she wanted to change herself and herself with shy personality. I want various people to know me, I want you to admit. A girl who also has a hot appreciation desire with a cool expression is an AV actress. It is a must - see, a preeminent sexual tension sex, a high sensitivity G cup that reacts to hypersensitivity, which seems to be the most strained in my life. 山梨出身、現在東京で一人暮らしの専門学校生‘乃木蛍’がS1からデビューします。20歳になった彼女は内気な性格で人見知りな自分自身を変えたいと考えていました。色々な人に自分を知ってほしい、認めてほしい。クールな表情とは裏腹に熱い承認欲求も持っている少女がAV女優になります。人生で一番緊張したと語る心臓の鼓動が聞こえてくるような緊張感抜群のSEX、過敏に反応しちゃう高感度Gカップ、必見です。 Free HD on JavFinder