"This time of the weekend, I think I'll take you to travel to your father-in-law's favorite in the starting salary" for 20 years brought up to love me father, Nao was present the hot spring trip. Though was supposed to spend fun parent-daughter Futari ... father had seen a naked daughter and mature in the mixed bathing bath went together. Thus committing a daughter uncontrollably a reason in the raw though we knew that it be naughty. Also in the room, even in the bathroom, even in the hallway, hot spring travel out in the night two days continued to be Namakan to the father-in-law.「今度の週末、初任給で大好きなお義父さんを旅行に連れてってあげようと思います」20年育ててくれた大好きな父のために、温泉旅行をプレゼントしたナオ。親娘ふたりで楽しく過ごすはずだったのに…一緒に入った混浴風呂で成熟した娘のハダカを見てしまった父。イケナイことだと分かっていたのに理性を抑えきれず娘をナマで犯してしまう。部屋でも、風呂でも、廊下でも、義父に生姦され続けた1泊2日の中出し温泉旅行。 Free HD on JavFinder