Nao has bred his son with one husband since he was separated from his husband. It is my son who had been cold to Nao since around the age, but one day I will beat it and I will start tangling with Nao with a gentle attitude. And at the same time the presence of a lover that becomes evident ... The mother attacked by the dilemma that the son might be stained with the color of another woman finally .... 奈緒は夫と死別してから、女手ひとつで息子を育ててきた。年頃になってからずっと奈緒に冷たくあたっていた息子だが、ある日を機に今までとは打って変わり優しい態度で奈緒に接し始める。そして同時に明らかになる恋人の存在…息子が他の女の色に染まってしまうかもしれないというジレンマに襲われた母はとうとう…。 Free HD on JavFinder