Sa Sa ri is a mother with two sons. Because his younger brother was sickly, Saori treats his brother Kiyoshi as a stub and cares about his younger brother. To such a mother, Kiyoshi begins to remember fierce jealousy, "I want to make mother only for myself ..." and seeking the body of Saori as desire and caressing. Then there is a change in the feelings of Saori who forcibly took away his body to his son ....紗央里は二人の息子を持つ母。弟が病弱なこともあり、紗央里は兄のキヨシはおざなりに扱い弟ばかりを気にかけていた。そんな母に対しキヨシは激しい嫉妬心を覚え始め「母を自分だけのものにしたい…」と欲望のままに紗央里の身体を求め愛撫してしまう。すると強引に息子に身体を奪われてしまった紗央里の心情にも変化が…。 Free HD on JavFinder