A fragile beautiful girl "Ran Chan". Translucent white skin like pottery is mysterious, tsun and upward lips are idle cute. It is likely to be sucked into the eyes of a large underscore. Despite such overwhelming cuteness, there was no reliable person so the first experience is 20 years old and the number of experienced people is also two people pure. Even if we are being asked by a man who is looking for looks, let's refuse it without going through the meaning. However, it seems that the number of sex with a boyfriend seems to be large, 5 before week, 4 at the current week and sex with a sex. If your boyfriend asks you, some transformation sex is ok too. The place where you realize the part of M that you feel pleasant when you hit the butt is a pretty scuba, and the heart is grasped with heart. A slender style that you can see even from a small face and even on clothes. It's a dazzling beautiful girl body if you take it off, I feel even divine. What kind of sex does she do such a thing? What kind of reaction do you get hurt by? Please check with your eyes by all means. 儚げな美少女”蘭チャン”。陶器のような透き通った白い肌はミステリアスで、ツンと上向いた唇はアイドル的キュートさ。大きなまん丸の瞳には吸い込まれそうな程。そんな圧倒的な可愛さでありながら、信頼できる人がいなかったから初体験は二十歳で経験人数も二人というピュアさ。ルックス目当ての男に言い寄られても意に介さず断って来たそうな。しかし、彼氏とのセックスの回数は多いらしく、以前は週5、現在は週4でセックス三昧。彼氏から求められれば多少の変態セックスもオッケー。お尻を叩かれると気持ち良いというMの部分も自覚している所は何とも可愛らしいスケベさでグッと心が掴まれます。顔が小さいうえに洋服の上からでも分かる細身のスタイル。脱いでみれば目がくらむような美少女ボディで、神々しさすら感じます。そんな彼女がどんなセックスを繰り広げるのか。ハードに突かれてどんなリアクションをするのか。是非その目でご確認下さい。 Free HD on JavFinder