The subject of the first shooting today is a 23-year-old nurse, a nurse with a bright smile. A serious angel who can not refuse, a healing angel who is often sexually harassed by patients. He talks about hobbies and erotic habits with a ridiculous way of talking. When the uncle licks his ears, he feels his eyes closed and enters a sweet atmosphere after a long time.本日初撮影の被写体は、人当たりが良い笑顔を咲かせる看護師のういさん23歳。断れないタイプの真面目な彼女は患者さんにもセクハラされがちの癒しの天使。おっとした喋り方で趣味やエロの性癖なんかを話してくれる。おじさんが耳を舐めると眼を閉じ感じ、久しぶりの甘美な雰囲気へと入っていく.. Free HD on JavFinder