Today's first subject is Hotaru-chan, 20 years old. A small girl who usually works part-time in apparel while attending university. She is a pure child who has only two boyfriends in her life so far, but she is a curious girl who has watched AV for women and applied without warning. Under the pure white underwear is a small breast. She is touched by a man whom she meets for the first time, and she sighs while being honey. When the erogenous zone is played with the tongue, the face of the naive girl gradually changes .. The appearance of following the instructions of the actor and serving awkwardly is lovely. Hotaru-chan's voice grows louder for the first time in life. The vaginal cum for the first time in life in the pleasure that accumulates. Feel the small body shaking. Hotaru-chan, who can't stand it, "I'm feeling good. No, I'm gonna get you." 本日、初撮影の被写体は、ほたるちゃん20歳。普段は大学に通いながらアパレルでアルバイトをしている小柄な女の子。今までの人生で2人の彼氏しか経験がないという純粋な子だが、女性向けAVを見て、警戒心なく応募してきてくれた好奇心旺盛な少女。純白の下着の下は小ぶりな乳房。初めて会った男性に触られハニカミつつも吐息を漏らす。性感帯を舌で弄ばれると、うぶな少女の顔が徐々に変貌する..男優の指示に従順に従い、ぎこちなくご奉仕する姿が愛くるしい。人生初めての巨根の刺激にほたるちゃんの声も大きさを増す。積み重なっていく快感に人生初めての膣絶頂。小さな身体を震わせて感じる。我慢できなくなったほたるちゃん「きもちいいよぉぉ。だめだめ、いっちゃうよぉ..」卑猥な言葉も口にするようになった少女のだらしない痴態は本編で。 Free HD on JavFinder