Only a professional student called out in Shinjuku! She is studying fashion at school, she has no boyfriend for more than a year, and the school seems to be a little lonely with many girls. Mio wants to be a fashion designer and wants a boyfriend this year! I am enthusiastic. Since I broke up with my boyfriend, I have no chance to have sex ... 新宿で声を掛けたのは専門学生のみおちゃんです!学校ではファッションの勉強をしている彼女、現在1年以上彼氏無し、学校も女子が多い環境と少し寂しい状況だそうです。ファッションデザイナーを夢見て日々頑張るみおちゃん、今年こそ彼氏が欲しい!と意気込んでいます。彼氏と別れて以降、なかなかセックスをする機会が無… Free HD on JavFinder