Manami who started a part to support the household for 5 years after marrying her husband was stressed by the human relations at the part ahead. I was promoted to go to the swimming classroom by a friend who saw such a form, and as I was told, I was able to refresh as I was able to talk to the teacher Uchimura with complaints. However, when I get home after finishing my change I find that my husband took advantage of the money earned by Manami at the part. I jumped out of the house with a shock and I am at a loss I met Uchimura at the park .... 夫と結婚して5年、家計を支える為パートを始めた真奈美はパート先での人間関係にストレスを感じていた。そんな姿を見た友人に水泳教室に通うことを進められ、言われたとおり通ってみると指導員の内村と愚痴を話せる間柄になり、リフレッシュする事が出来た。しかし、気分転換を終えて家に帰ると真奈美がパートで稼いだお金を夫が使い込んだ事が発覚してしまう。ショックで家を飛び出し途方に暮れていると公園で内村と出会い…。 Free HD on JavFinder