Yuko married to the president of the construction company. Although it was Yuko to be day-to-day multiplied by the pressure of the heir to the mother-in-law, the presence of the sister-Aki is the only immediate family has been a healing of the heart. Warm home build, harboring a new life sister. But to Kyuten in the wake of the incident, which is also such a situation. Although it was Yuko to be to rebuild the sister of the home was fully Susami, it will be committed to forced to desperation of the brother-in-law .... "We can not break the sister of the home ..." However, the decision is Furikakari to Yuko in the worst shape -.建設会社の社長と結婚した優子。日々姑に跡継ぎの重圧を掛けられる優子だったが、唯一の肉親である妹・亜紀の存在が心の癒しとなっていた。温かい家庭を築き、新しい生命を宿した妹。しかしそんな状況もある事件をきっかけに急転する。荒みきった妹の家庭を立て直そうとする優子だったが、自暴自棄の義弟に無理矢理に犯されてしまい…。『妹の家庭を壊すわけにはいかない…』しかし、その決意は最悪な形で優子に降りかかり―。 Free HD on JavFinder