"Can you come pick me up with that underwear tomorrow?" Kana was confused when looking at the luxury underwear that was sent from her husband who had just sent him. And in the afternoon when we finished housework, the kana who tried secretly in front of the mirror, I remembered myself as a woman, not a wife for the first time in a long time. After that, I went to live with obscene underwear behind plain clothes, but my husband's friends watched me .... Since then, the kana who is bothered by shame and sense of spirit, unconsciously makes the crotch hotly hot ....「明日は、その下着で迎えに来てくれないか?」単身赴任の夫から送られてきた高級下着を見て、かなは困惑していた。そして家事を終えた昼下がり、鏡の前で密かに試着するかなは、久しぶりに妻ではなく女としての自分を思い出していた。それから、地味な衣服の裏に卑猥な下着を身に着けて生活を送るかなだったが、夫の友人に覗かれてしまい…。それ以来、羞恥感と背徳感に悩まされるかなは、無意識にも熱く股間を火照らせて…。 Free HD on JavFinder