At the time of shooting, at the age of 18 (currently 19 years old) active idol who belongs to a famous office and was doing idol activity Do Inaba you 'exclusive debut from E-BODY! She dances dancing while shaking her H cup tits with super beautiful but tight and heavy feeling she is a little obsessed, but she is cheerful and she is a sister character. From now on, I would like to thank you for your support from Ruka-chan, who says that he wants many people to know about himself through AV 撮影当時、18歳で(現在は19歳になりました)某有名な事務所に所属しアイドル活動をしていた現役アイドル‘稲場るか’がE-BODYから専属デビューします!スーパー綺麗でもっちもちで重量感のあるHカップおっぱいをゆさゆさ揺らしながらダンスを踊る彼女はちょっとおっとりしてますが明るく元気で妹キャラ。AVを通して自分のことを多くの人に知って欲しいと語るるかちゃんをこれから応援よろしくお願いします! Free HD on JavFinder