After hearing that my father-in-law was to be hospitalized, Shinya decided to live with her mother-in-law, Rie. I do not want to make Rie, who is alone, feel at heart. It was an act from pure feelings as a son-in-law ... My wife was expecting Shinya's true intention. Shinya is conscious of Rie as a woman. Shinya and his wife's relationship worsened rapidly from the moment when his wife felt that way, and eventually he left the house. My father-in-law was hospitalized and my daughter-in-law left home. There was no more barrier for Rie and Shinya to form a forbidden relationship. お義父さんが入院することになったと聞き真也は義母の梨恵と同居する決意をした。一人になる梨恵に心細い思いをさせたくない。義理の息子として純粋な気持ちからの行動だったが…。妻は真也の本音をお見通しだった。真也は梨恵を女として意識している。妻がそう感づいた時から真也と妻の夫婦仲は急速に悪化し、ついには家を飛び出してしまう。義父は入院、嫁は家出。梨恵と真也が禁断の関係を結ぶ障壁はもうなかった。 Free HD on JavFinder