It was the night of a local business trip. I had to leave the store with plenty of time, but I lost my way. It is too far to return by taxi, there is no business hotel in a strange place ... The only vacant place was "Love Hotel". And there is only one vacancy. There was no way to spend the night under the cold winter sky, so I had to spend time in the same room ... but that would be like that ...   それは地方出張の夜の出来事でした。余裕を持ってお店を出た筈なのに道に迷ってしまい、目の前で終電を見送る始末。タクシーで帰るには遠過ぎるし、へんぴな場所でビジネスホテルもなく…。唯一空きがあったのは「ラブホテル」。しかも空室は一つだけ。真冬の寒空の下で一夜を明かすには無理もあり、やむを得ず同じ部屋で過ごす事になったのですが…まさかあんな事になるだなんて…。   Free HD on JavFinder