At the end of the last train, this project goes to a pub, speaks to the girl who is still drinking and listens to girls' troubles and human patterns, and at last the project aims to bring home. ● Today 's drinking ⇒ Iroha - chan (22 years old), drinking friend ⇒ Nami - chan (28 years old). ① Today I would like to find a cute girl in Ikebukuro! ② Two people found in the second flight! Interview with Iroha chan & Nami-chan! They seem to have a relationship with a senior junior byte of former workplace. He used to work in a warehouse before. Iroha is not good at having something to do with people so much and seems to want to work quietly. Currently he works at a tofu factory and a rare workplace for young girls. ③ I parted with my boyfriend half a year ago and now I'm free Iroha. Absolutely older if you listen to the type of men you want to go to! And that. The first boyfriend of anything seemed to be the manager of a byte destination この企画は終電終わりに居酒屋に行き、まだまだ飲んでいる女の子に声をかけ女の子の悩みや人間模様を聞き、最後はしれっとお持ち帰りを目指す企画。●本日の飲んだくれさん⇒いろはちゃん(22歳)、飲み友⇒なるみちゃん(28歳)。①本日は池袋にて可愛い女の子を探していきたいと思います!②二軒目で見つけた二人組!いろはちゃん&なるみちゃんにインタビュー開始!お二人は前の職場のバイトの先輩後輩の関係らしいです。以前は倉庫でお仕事していたとのこと。いろはちゃんはあまり人と関わりを持つのが得意ではなく、黙々と仕事をしたいタイプらしく、今のお勤め先もお豆腐の工場と、若い女の子にしては珍しい職場で働かれています。③彼氏とは半年前に別れて、現在はフリーのいろはちゃん。付き合いたい男性のタイプを聞くと絶対に年上がいい!とのこと。なんでも初めての彼氏はバイト先の店長だったらしく Free HD on JavFinder